The Church of The Nine Ghosts

One cold night in October of 2016, I saw something I will never forget. I had been in Europe for 1 week already with my close friend Shawn. Making our way from Amsterdam throughout Germany, Austria, Slovenia and finally Czech Republic. Stopping at castles and ossuaries along the way, nothing would prepare us for what we found in the tiny little village of Luková. We had planned on staying in Prague for 3 days to photograph and see all the things we had on our list. The last one was Kostel svatého Jiří (St. George’s Church) in Luková or The Church of the Nine Ghosts. We had planned on saving it for last, and we realized we were running out of daylight. It was already 5pm and Luková was over an hour drive away from where we were. We got ready and headed out to what we thought was the village we were looking for. We had no physical address just the name of the village, and we knew it was a church. Once we were in Luková, we asked for directions to the church, but much to our disappointment we were informed that we were in the wrong Luková. The correct village was 2 hours in the opposite direction from which we came. It was already 9pm and we had to leave for Berlin in the morning. We said "fuck it" lets go. We hopped back in the car and headed back towards Prague. After passing the city, we started getting into the Bohemian Countryside. The atmospheric music of Scandinavian black metal was the perfect choice for driving through the fog under a full moon in the woods. Finally at midnight we arrived in the small village of Luková, and I immediately began scanning for a church tower. I saw one towards the outskirts, so we made our way over there and found a church surrounded by a small graveyard. We got out and headed toward the graves, and we noticed lit candles all over the place. It was like a scene out of horror movie. It was a Sunday night so the candles made sense looking back on it. We checked the front doors of the church only to find heavy locks on the front of them. With very limited information about this place, we were still not even sure if we were at the right church. We made our way around the other side of the church and peeked through some rod iron bars into the church. The first thing I saw was a white figure staring back at me. I immediately jumped down in shock. It was pitch black and the only light we had was lit candles on tombstone, the full moon light hidden by fog and our cell phones. We began to shine our cell phone lights inside the church and saw all the ghostly apparitions, as if frozen in time sitting there in the pews. In awe of what we were looking at, I began snapping photos through the bars just trying to capture anything I could. We made our way over to the next window and saw one particular figure straight ahead just standing there looking directly at us. Our excitement was unbearable, so we began to try and find other ways inside the church. After being there for maybe 10 minutes, we decided to split up and go opposite ways and meet back up at the front doors. Standing maybe 5 feet away from each other, we both heard a noise coming from a small wall behind me. Fallen leaves blanketed the grounds of the graveyard and we heard them crunching under someones foot. We both immediately froze and shut off our lights, staring at one another making sure we had both heard someone coming at us. My first thought was a local or groundskeeper with a shotgun making sure we weren't vandalizing the place. Closer and closer, the footsteps approached only a few feet away from us. We knew at any second a person would appear in front of us and we would have to deal with whatever happened next. Leaves crunching louder and louder but no one ever appeared. The sounds simply just disappeared as if someone stopped right in front of us. There was no person, there was no animal, there was just a tombstone. Both of us in shock and fear, we gave one simple head nod to one another and we took off running back to the safety of our rental car. With our cameras and backpacks still on, we got inside the car immediately and drove quickly out of there back into the foggy forested roads. Finally stopping maybe 10 miles down the road, we both put away our cameras and backpacks and confirmed with each other what had just happened. Asking if what had just happened really happened. Our adrenaline was pumping, we were laughing and still in shock. That drive back to our Airbnb was quiet for the both of us. I don't know if the place is haunted and I don't know if ghosts exist, but that night in Luková there was someone or something else there with us.

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